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It all began with the love of snacks...

Established in 2018 and located in the Food Court at Mackinaw Crossings Shopping Center. Mack City Chips was founded by Darcy Esterline and Tina Hogoboom, two sisters born and raised in Michigan Center, Michigan.  After many visits to Mackinaw City the sisters decided it was the perfect place to open their first potato chip store. The idea for a fresh made potato chip store was born out of the love of snacks, and the desire to fill a void in the popular tourist town in northern Michigan. 

Mack City Chips provides handmade potato chips from fresh potatoes cooked on-site with a blend of premium vegetable oils and seasoned with delicious seasonings and unique flavors to tantalize your taste buds. As the sisters like to say “potatoes come in the back door and chips go out the front”.



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